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本文摘要:This is shaping up to be a big holiday season for iPads. Apple’s selection of tablets has improved dramatically with this Fall’s offerings, and that means that your giftees will be looking for accessories to make their iPads more enjoyable


This is shaping up to be a big holiday season for iPads. Apple’s selection of tablets has improved dramatically with this Fall’s offerings, and that means that your giftees will be looking for accessories to make their iPads more enjoyable. Two outstanding products have crossed my radar recently that each improve your tablet experience, but in very different ways.这正在变为iPad的盛大购物节。随着今年秋季公布新品,苹果(Apple)获取的平板电脑自由选择大幅度减少。这意味著,你的过节对象将去找寻各种配件,以让他们的iPad更为多彩。

最近,两款杰出的产品转入了我的视野,它们都能提高你的平板电脑用于体验,但方法大相径庭。Among other things, the iPad is a great device for consuming content. Whether ebooks, movies or web content, the scale and hand-appeal of the iPads makes the reading and viewing experience more intimate and personal. But holding an iPad in an optimal position for reading or viewing for a sustained period of time is not so easy. So here we have this sleek, modern appliance that we prop up on our laps in haphazard ways. Enter Flote, the fully adjustable, ergonometric iPad stand. Flote started as a Kickstarter campaign and offers a desktop stand ($219.99) and an M2 floor stand ($299.99.) I have not used the desktop stand, but I have been demoing the floor stand for the last couple of weeks and I can report that it makes the reading process incredibly enjoyable. The responsiveness that you feel in terms of being able to adjust the exact position and angle is appropriate to the responsiveness of the iPad itself. It is also an attractive and modern accessory that fits well with most decor. It is extremely sturdy to the point of feeling a bit overbuilt for the weight of the device suspended, but the overall user experience is of well-built solidity and graceful movement.我还没用过桌面的那款,但在过去数周仍然在用于落地支架,我可以报告说道,它让读者过程显得十分无聊。


在将支架调节到自己希望的方位和角度方面,Flote带来你的号召性跟iPad本身的号召性交相辉映。它某种程度是一款具备吸引力的现代化配件,需要很好地跟大多数家居装饰展开配上。Flote十分牢固,以至于让人实在这款装置相对于其承托的设备的重量来说变得用力过度,但整体的用于体验很好,精美可信,而且需要流畅地移动。Since the iPad’s other great ability is as a device for creating content, I can report that the Flote is also very useful as an iPad camera stand. I really enjoy the resemblance of the iPad to the ground glass of a traditional view camera and like to use it to shoot still life objects. The Flote has a little wobble, and is a little heavy to move about, but allows very spontaneous camera adjustment. The virtue of the iPad as a camera is that you have such detailed feedback of what your actual image looks like, and being super-responsive about the position while avoiding the camera shake potential of hand held is a big plus. One word of warning for using the Flote for the iPad in portrait orientation while perpendicular to the floor: the spring-mounted clamp that holds the device holds it from the longer sides, so there is some danger of slippage in that precise position. Best to remove the iPad between uses or merely turn it parallel to the floor.iPad的另众多功能是作为一款内容创作设备,基于这一点,我可以报告说道,Flote某种程度也是一款十分简单的iPad照相机支架。


作为照相机,iPad的优点在于,你可以看见实际图像的详细细节,而且号召性超好,同时防止了手执照相机的晃动。对于横向垂直地面用于iPad的情况,这里有一个警告:Flote的弹簧夹把手的是较长的两侧,因此这种方位的iPad可能会有下滑的危险性。不用于的时候,最差把iPad从Flote上拿下来,或是将iPad与地面平行摆放。Update: In response to my concern about the possible slippage, Flote founder David Cutler tells me that “we are also designing a new piece to replace the four cushions, which tend to slide over time due to the adhesive. These will be little rubber tips that will slide over the Cradle’s ‘finger’, also giving the Cradle a more secure grip even on the Air. Once manufactured, we’ll be sending them out to all of our existing customers as well.”改版:我谈及了iPad有可能从Flote上下滑的问题,作为对此,该公司创始人大卫·卡特勒(David Cutler)告诉他我:“我们也在设计研发新产品,以更换那4个弹性衬垫,因为黏合剂的关系,它们不会随着时间的流逝而脱落。


新产品将使用小巧的橡胶头,它们可以在夹具的“指头”上滑动,让夹具更加巩固地把手iPad,甚至是iPad Air。一旦生产出来,我们将把它们相赠赠送给所有的现有客户。

”And speaking of the iPad as a content creation tool, 53, the maker of the amazing Paper drawing app for the iPad has just come out with Pencil, the companion stylus for Paper. Pencil comes in Walnut ($59.95) and a Graphite colored brushed aluminum ($49.95) and gives you even more control of your line with Paper. When paired via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with your iPad and used with Paper you get the added features of palm rejection (which allows you to rest your hand on the screen without it making a mark), erasing, and blending. It also makes a useful, non-connected stylus for any other iPad application. Pencil is a pleasure to use and is at the forefront of this missing link in the tablet ecosystem. Just because we don’t need a stylus to interact with a tablet doesn’t mean that it’s not really useful in certain circumstances. I’m expecting more such devices in the coming year, including a cloud-connected stylus from Adobe’s Project Mighty that will have the virtue of being able to interact with a wider variety of apps while managing settings and content between applications. In the meantime, I will happily use Pencil to doodle in Paper, and hopefully start using it to make drawings for my blog posts.我期望在新的一年中看见更加多这样的配件,其中还包括奥多比公司(Adobe)Project Mighty项目的云相连手写笔,它将需要跟更好的应用于展开交互,同时在应用于间管理设置和内容。在此期间,我将很高兴地用于Pencil手写笔在Paper应用于中涂鸦,并期望需要从为自己的博客文章画插画开始。



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