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本文摘要:A story from the Russian blogger who names himself ntv: I had to write this blog entry, since many still cannot believe I managed to purchase a BRDM-2(Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle). Yes, I really did buy it, and brought it to Russi


A story from the Russian blogger who names himself ntv: I had to write this blog entry, since many still cannot believe I managed to purchase a BRDM-2(Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle). Yes, I really did buy it, and brought it to Russia myself.一位自称为“ntv”的俄国博主日前写到:“由于大家都不坚信我购买了一辆BRDM-2两栖装甲侦察车,所以我只要写出这篇博文讲解一下。我知道购买了这辆装甲车,而且还把它送回了俄罗斯。”It all started early this year, when one of my friends developed a keen interest in combatvehicles. I have to admit, the idea of actually buying one didnt enter his mind, but the less he was interested in getting one, the more my own interest bloomed.“最初是年初的时候我的一个朋友酷爱了装甲车,虽然他显然没有想要过卖一辆什么的,但我却愈发想摸到一辆了。

”So, in early June Iheaded out to the dear-to-my-heart Republic of Belarus.所以在6月份,我将目光改向了我们亲爱的白俄罗斯。Turns out, during the summer, the prices for all combat armored vehicles in Russia rise rapidly, and the only affordable ones are severely beat up or suspicious models without anydocumentation. Of course I suspected that transporting and successfully gaining entry from Belarus would not be an easy task, but there were no other options.那个夏季俄罗斯装甲车的价格猛涨,你负担得起的那种也是一副年久失修的样子,而且连涉及文件都没。

虽然我也担忧从白俄罗斯买车的话方不方便运至国内,但是也没别的法子了。Belarus overall and its Defence Ministry in particular do sell a tremendous amount of variouscombat and non-combat items. Recently they created a moderately easy-to-use website, which contains information on all items up for sale”.白俄罗斯乃至其国防部什么都买,从战斗类到非战斗类的都有。他们最近还开了个网站,专门讲解出售商品的信息,十分简单。

They sell everything, from teapots to speedboats, armored personnel carriers and planes.I heard that soon they are going to make it a fully-fledged online store with a shopping basket and delivery services. “他们啥都买,从茶勺到快艇、到装甲车乃至飞机。我听闻他们还将发售自带购物车和送货上门服务的网店。”Your basket contains 1 item: a T-64Btank. Do you want to continue shopping?. Fricking amazing! At times the catalogue contains photos of the items, but its best to view things like that for yourself. Unfortunately, foreign nationals (including russians) have tobook a visit two weeks in advance with the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus (KGB RB for short), otherwise you wont be able to enter the military bases.“一辆T-64B坦克已放进您的购物车。之后购物吗?”真是无法更加屌……你可以在名单上查阅货品,但还是到现场看感觉较佳。

不过外国公民(还包括俄罗斯人)必需要提早两周向白俄的克格勃安全局注册,才能获得转入这个军事基地的许可。On the way wewere stopped four times. We were only asked to show proper documentation on the fourth stop, all others were limited to shocked questions WHAT THE HELL KINDATANK IS THIS?!“一路上我们被拦阻下来四次。其中只有第四次要了我们的涉及申请看,其他几次都是回答我们‘这是啥坦克啊?”The driver had an ice sense of humour and at the first three police stops he was like:“司机也挺有幽默感,每次他的问大约是这样的:– Whats this?——这是啥?– Thats for ourguys on the South-East.——这是给我们在东南边的伙计们的。– Okay, carry on.——哦,拦下吧。

”On the fourth time the road police decided to be strict and looked over our contracts front pagefor about two minutes, then asked:到了第四次,警员就较为严苛了。他盯着文件的第一页看了大约有两分钟,然后问:– So, dat must be very hungry one? How fast is it?”“这玩意很耗油吧?能开多慢呀它?”After we arrived,it turned out that just pumping the wheels back up and rolling it off the carrier would be a no-go. The BRDMs weight would simply crush the carriers back ramps and possible topple the entire thing over, damaging other cars.Thankfully, a nearby construction site loaned us their crane.“后来我们再一到了,但是给轮胎加油然后脱下来是敢的,因为装甲车的自身重量不足以把拖车下坡的地方压烂,甚至有可能把整辆车引发来,让其他车也损毁。幸而附近的工地就有起重机可以赠予我们用。

”It was really terrifying to ride through the city, everyone stopped and blocked us from all sides. Once we were on a three-lane highway and stopped in the middle lane at ared light, with three cars in front of us. First the cars on either side of usstopped right next to our BRDM, not right at the lights. Then the road policejoined them on the right side and started taking photos of themselves in frontof the BRDM! At least they had the decency to show us the way afterwards.) The entire way to Moscow, including rest stops, took 24 hours.“穿越城市的感觉太爽了,每个人都会停下围观。有一次我们在一个三车道的路上行经时遇上了红灯,就停在了路中央。


还包括中途停站的时间在内,进到莫斯科一共花上了大约24小时。”It was late evening and we managed to install the accumulators and pump up the wheels.Unfortunately one of the gas tanks had a leak, and the wiring in this thing drove me into a stupor. Say you see two black cables and one white, and logically you could assume that the white one should be positive and the black ones should go to the weight. But no, one of the black ones turned out to be apositive one, it turned out to be feeding the starter.“深夜,我们打算可当蓄电池并给轮胎加油。

正要的是储气罐漏气了,然后给这个东西接线真是把我摸暗了。你可以看见两条白的一条红的电线,你估算以为这红的是阳极,白的是顶盖的吧,不是的,其中一条黑线才是,这个是相接起动器的。Of course wecouldnt leave an armored personnel carrier out on the street – it could bestolen easily. So we found a garbage truck (!) that agreed to take us to our dacha house in the country, since it wasnt too far away, just 2 kilometers.“当然我们无法把装甲车扔到到大街上,很更容易被拿走的。所以我们就去找了个垃圾车!人家表示同意带上我们去我在乡间的别墅,却是也不是很近,才两公里。

”We tied the BRDM upto the truck with two cabled and, very slowly, departed. Problem was, we didnt really have a license to drive it on public roads, it had no number plates orany russian documentation. So any encounter with the police would end in a fiasco.But we had no other choice :)我们把装甲车用两根电缆绑到了车上,然后以十分较慢的速度拦下了。问题是我们并没在公共道路上开这个东西的许可,也没车牌或者任何俄国方面的申请。所以说道要是路上遇到个警员就惨不忍睹了~但我们没别的办法:)Found a couple of souvenirs inside.“在里头找到了两个纪念品。”Turns out, two cables arent going to cut it while pulling an armored combat vehicle. Right ona crossroads one of them snapped, signaling the end to all our plans. Getting stuck in the middle of a highway with a seven-tonne BRDM that couldnt move onits own wasnt a good new plan. Somehow, the single cable held out all the way to the dacha.“结果电缆也出有了问题,其中一条在路口折断了,我们的计划差点冷水了汤。

带着一辆7吨重停车在马路上一动也一动没法的BRDM看看竟然人头大,幸而只剩一根线撑住了,让我们仍然直奔了乡间。”When we finally got there, we dropped it off near our fence, to attempt to start it the next morning. Right after waking up, I armed myself with all the instruction manualsand blueprints I had. Of course, the tricky accumulator scheme was not inthose, but by midday I figured out that I just had to swap the cables around and presto – it started!我们把装甲车停在了栅栏旁,想第二天试着关掉它。第二天睡醒后,我装备上所有说明书和设计图就去研究怎么关掉了,那个奇葩的蓄电池的解释虽然没,但是鼓捣到中午我总算是找到只要把两根线对调一下——当当!关掉喽!Which my dog,Taras, immediately found very useful.“我的狗Taras,忽然找到一挺简单的。

”A little more about the thing itself. BRDM-2 is a Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle. Itweighs 7 tonnes, has a 5.5 liter engine and 140 horsepowers. It consumes 40liters of 92 octane gasoline every 100 kilometers. Its an amphibious vehicle,which has a winch and a water cannon. Goes through any terrain, absolutely any.关于这个车再说一些事。BRDM-2是一种装甲侦察车,重7吨,每5.5升至输入140马力。


可以在世上任何地形行经。And the main thing.Right now Im in the active process of polishing it up, getting my license and documents. This will take some time, but after its all done, I will start the gnarliest road trip live journal has ever seen. This wont be a chilled-out ride on rented four-wheelers with underseat heating and night stops in Hiltons, buta real off-road expedition through mud, lakes, rivers and forests.要腊正事了:我现在正在给它打磨,并且准备好许可和申请。

这不会花上些时间,但一旦我弄好了,我就要开始livejournal上最牛逼的旅程直播了。进着豪车,回头一趟舒舒服服的旅程没什么意思,来一场横跨沼泽、湖泊、河流和森林的越野旅行才叫激动人心呢。You or your company can easily sponsor our expedition. The logo of each sponsor will be applied onto the armor of this beast, and well give each and every sponsor a special mention in every update we do. Right now Im looking for technical sponsors,which can consist of:青睐你和你的公司赞助商我的远征。

赞助者的Logo将不会被贴到装甲上,并且能获得我在每一次改版的尤其奖提名。现在我正在谋求技术支持,还包括:1) A warm autoworkshop in Moscow莫斯科市内一座寒冷的工作房2) Paint andfinishing works喷涂和标记工作3) Armored windows and their installation防弹玻璃和加装4) Laser cutting,welding, metalwork激光切割成、焊和金工5) Interior work内部翻新A technical sponsorship will is a relatively inexpensive and quick way to get your ad space throughout our expedition, dont miss the chance! You can always reach me attima @ tima.me Ill try to postupdates on the finishing we are doing on the vehicle as often as possible.技术支持不仅省钱,我的这次旅行也能给你带给广告效益,所以不要错失这次机会喔!你可以在tima @ tima.me联系我,我将尽可能多的改版我们修葺这辆车的进程。And finally, the mainquestion – why?!. Heres what I can say. Just one ride in this thing makes all the questions instantly disappear. Its super fun and you just cannot getan experience like it anywhere else in the world!最后,还有一个问题——“为什么要做到这些?!”那么我所能说道的就是,展开一趟这样的旅程,这些疑惑就仅有萌生了。




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